My Work Playlist: Walk Off the Earth

My Work Playlist

If you’re like me, you don’t just go about your work in total silence, completely engrossed and content in your project with no distractions able to phase you. If you can, kudos! – but I can’t work like that. I need some kind of noise going on in the background to occupy my thoughts while doing repetitive bookbinding tasks like cutting, punching holes, folding paper, etc. I mean, I love bookbinding, but when you do the same thing everyday, you need something to occupy your brain when it’s on autopilot.

It may look cute now, but make a few dozen of these bad boys and you'll need some motivation too!
It may look cute now, but make a few dozen of these bad boys and you’ll need some motivation too!

To keep myself energized and interested, I like to listen to music (or Netflix) while doing my bookbinding or working on social media. Instead of listening to Pandora or Spotify, I like to listen to some of the simply AMAZING talented artists on YouTube. They make some of the most creative covers imaginable, and in many cases, I like them better than the originals. Currently, I am rediscovering one of my favorite groups, called Walk Off the Earth.

Walk Off the Earth is a Canadian musical group that likes to put unconventional, creative spins on all their music. The members are Sarah Blackwood, Gianni Luminati, Ryan Marshall, Joel Cassady, and Mike “Beard Guy” Taylor. Each member sings, and can play many different instruments- they even use custom made instruments (like a giant guitar all five can play at once). They went viral a few years ago for their cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know,” and have been growing ever since then. Here are my top 5 favorites that I just can’t stop listening to lately:

5. Somebody I Used to Know, by Gotye

Surprise! I love this song anyway, but Walk Off the Earth’s cover is phenomenal- there’s a reason it went viral. It features that giant guitar I mentioned earlier- prepare to be blown away by the music and vocals.


4. Cheerleader, by OMI

This video is just all sorts of fun. First of all, it’s a great cover. Second, it was recorded on their tour bus during a concert tour. I just find that amazing, because they didn’t just record it, they had to plan and practice it too. Lots of looped percussion, special instruments (spinny tubes!), and the vocal harmonies are gorgeous, as always.


3. Man Down, by Rihanna

Such a good song on it’s own, Walk Off the Earth puts more of a reggae spin on it. More impressive, it only features two of the singers, Gianni Luminati and Ryan Marshall. They each play four different instruments in the video, and the video splices them together to form one amazing music video. I also like that in this version, the chorus of the song is a little heavier, with heavier drums and electric guitar.


2. Hello, by Adele

When I first heard this song by Adele, I liked it, but I wasn’t as into it as everyone else seemed to be. Until I saw Walk Off the Earth’s cover. They covered the song using only Spinny Tubes, PVC Pipes, and Bells- and it’s amazing! They have two different versions. The first here is their ‘official’ video, featuring KRNFX beatboxing as the persussion. It’s good, and I like the music, but I like their second video of Hello better. It’s just recorded in a garage, and features tap dancers Myles Erlick and Isaac Lupien. I have to say though, I love the second video so much that sometimes I just end up watching it instead of listening and bookbinding- oops!


1. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, by Frankie Valli

My absolute favorite cover by Walk Off the Earth right now is a cover featuring singer Selah Sue. Some of you may know I’m getting married next summer, but I don’t think anyone knows yet that our first dance is going to be to Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You. It’s a classic song I’ve always loved. Usually, my favorite part is the big brass section that comes in right before the chorus, but I was pleasantly surprised to find I love this cover. There’s something about Selah Sue’s voice that makes this a beautiful and unique cover. And of course, the video is creative and lovely as always.


Bonus: Royals, by Lorde

Royals is one of those songs that I first hated, but was so catchy is wormed it’s way into my brain. Now I love it, and Walk Off the Earth did a really interesting video cover of it. The music is wonderful, of course, but the video is really interesting. Here’s the video, and then the behind the scenes video so you can see how they did it.

Behind the scenes:


So that’s what I’m listening to right now. I also watch (really listen) to a lot of Netflix while I work, as well as listen to some awesome podcasts. Let me know in the comments if you’re also a fan of Walk Off the Earth, and what you’re favorite song/video by them is. Or, let me know if there’s a cover artist on YouTube that you recommend I check out!

One thought on “My Work Playlist: Walk Off the Earth

  1. I stumbled across Walk Off the Earth last semester while pulling an all-nighter. They really do have some amazing covers! Another group that I found that night was Chasing Midnight; they put a unique spin on some popular covers, as well. I love the variety that YouTube has brought to musical world. Thanks for reminding me to check out their channel again.


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