Game of Thrones Quote Necklaces!

dany and drogo with rhaego

How many of you out there are fans of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, or the show Game of Thrones? All of you? Good, that means we’re all friends.

Seriously though, I love that series, and I love the show. If you’ve watched the show but haven’t read the books yet, you’re missing out. The last episode of the 6th season is coming up in a couple weeks, and we will have to wait almost A YEAR before the next season. While you can use that time to read the series to get your GoT fix, I’ll be quietly pulling my hair out in a corner, dying from anticipation.

Anyway, some of you may have read about my handmade Game of Thrones Clue Game– which I made way before HBO came out with their own. Needless to say, I’m a huge nerd, and I’m OK with that. Nay, I’m proud of it. So, naturally, my nerdiness and my craftiness collided to bring you all these Game of Thrones necklaces and key chains:

Do you love them? Because I love them. As much as I want to keep every last one for myself, I am instead putting these up in my Etsy store for all of you guys. As of right now, they are all Dothraki themed, with variations of “Moon of my Life” and “My Sun and Stars,” in English and in Dothraki. Each item has a complimenting/matching item, with the “Sun and Stars” ones using warm tones like golds, pinks, and red accents, and the “Moon of my Life” ones are cool toned with silver, blue, and purple accents, while still following similar design styles. Currently there is only one pair of key chains up, but I can always make a necklace into a key chain with similar elements if you like!

tyrion drink and know

I have other Game of Thrones quote pendants planned, especially ones with quotes from the Night’s Watch, and Melisandre’s favorite expression “the night is dark and full of terrors.” And I’ll have to put in some Tyrion quote pendants as well, obviously. He drinks and he knows things.

Let me know in the poll below what fan ‘world’ I should create items from next!

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