All About That Pinterest

All About That Pinterest

Show of hands, how many of you guys have a Pinterest? Probably a lot of you, since you’re here reading posts on a bookbinding blog. Clearly, you are an artist, crafter, DIY-er, or are just really interested in how things are made. Basically, I’m guessing Pinterest is your playground. It’s ok, me too!


I like to pin about things that interest me, either practical or wish list pins mostly. Lately, I’ve been on a writing kick, so I’ve been looking for and pinning a lot of practical writing advice, and writing inspiration. I’ve also got a board about blogging, bookbinding, and a couple about Etsy, since I’m trying to grow my business. Then, of course, I have the dream library and reading nook boards, where I can pin up all the gorgeous library images I come across. I’m really into comfy/cozy reading areas (remodeled bed/bookshelf closets, reading hammocks- I could melt!) but there are some modern ones sprinkled in there.

PInterest screenshot 2b
One of my favorite motivational boards.

When it comes to bookbinding inspiration, Pinterest is really great.While it is growing, bookbinding isn’t the most widespread of art forms right now, and it can be hard to come up with good bookbinding results in Google. With Pinterest, I can type in “long stitch books” or “tiny books” and it opens up a world of inspiration! With long stitch books, there are so many different patterns possible when sewing the signatures onto the leather. While many of the bookbinding tutorials I find on Pinterest are full of misinformation, the beautiful, gorgeous images of long stitch bookbinding are worth it if you already know what you’re doing. When you know how to bind, pictures are sometimes all you need.

So what about if you are using Google, and you come across a site you want to pin but there’s no Pinterest button? Don’t worry, Google Chrome has got you covered. You can install a Pinning extension to your Chrome browser. It shows up on the right of your URL web address bar. Whenever you’re at a site you want to pin, just click it, and it will bring up a small Pinterest window where you pick which image from the page you want represent your pin link, and which board to put it on. Easy-peasy! I just love it, it makes everything so much easier. Sometimes browsing Pinterest doesn’t yield the results your looking for the way a Google search would. With this extension, you can search Google all you like and still pin all your favorite webpages and images.

PInterest screenshot 1
Some of my favorite boards with my favorite pins!

Pinterest also allows you to create secret boards that only you and those you share it with can see. It’s really, really helpful! In addition to all my writing, bookbinding, and library pinning adventures, I’m also planning my wedding. I probably have about 20-30 secret wedding planning boards only I can see. Boards for wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, decorations, you name it! I also have a few regular life boards, like healthy recipe boards, dessert boards, etc. This way, I have just one Pinterest account to worry about, but can use it for professional and personal use!

Feel free to mosey on over to my Pinterest page to look at the boards I have up. If you’re a writer, I have a lot of good writing, editing, and world-building boards that have lots of helpful articles! I’ve personally read all of them, and they were worth saving 🙂

All About That Pinterest.png

Featured Image:  graffiti art entitled Mislatas Representan IV; artist PichiAvo; technique: spraypaint; Valencia, 2014

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