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5 Theories for Game of Thrones Season 7


Are you ready for Season 7 this Sunday, July 16th!? I am over-the-moon excited, mixed with the slightly nauseous feeling of dread that always comes with a new season/book… Please don’t kill off my favorite characters! Please don’t be terrible now that we’re really past the books!

I have a bit of an obsessive love affair with Game of Thrones. I’m a book reader and show lover, and for the last year my daily work commute has been consumed by A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones themed podcasts that make me so happy I could talk about them for hours (Radio Westeros is the best, check them out!). And unfortunately for my inner circle- and random acquaintances and strangers I’ve just met- I do.

I’ve never been this deep into a fandom before, so lately I’ve been channeling this love into some of my new work up in the Ash & Elm Books store. With all the good writing in the books and the show, I just had to incorporate them into some quotes necklaces. Obviously, I can’t not talk about some of the theories out there in the Game of Thrones universe, so read on to see some of the more juicy and realistic fan theories circulating out there that I personally would love to see this coming season

*Warning! Fan Theory Spoilers ahead* Continue reading

All About That Pinterest

All About That Pinterest

Show of hands, how many of you guys have a Pinterest? Probably a lot of you, since you’re here reading posts on a bookbinding blog. Clearly, you are an artist, crafter, DIY-er, or are just really interested in how things are made. Basically, I’m guessing Pinterest is your playground. It’s ok, me too!


I like to pin about things that interest me, either practical or wish list pins mostly. Lately, I’ve been on a writing kick, so I’ve been looking for and pinning a lot of practical writing advice, and writing inspiration. I’ve also got a board about blogging, bookbinding, and a couple about Etsy, since I’m trying to grow my business. Then, of course, I have the dream library and reading nook boards, where I can pin up all the gorgeous library images I come across. I’m really into comfy/cozy reading areas (remodeled bed/bookshelf closets, reading hammocks- I could melt!) but there are some modern ones sprinkled in there. Continue reading

Game of Thrones Quote Necklaces!

dany and drogo with rhaego

How many of you out there are fans of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, or the show Game of Thrones? All of you? Good, that means we’re all friends.

Seriously though, I love that series, and I love the show. If you’ve watched the show but haven’t read the books yet, you’re missing out. The last episode of the 6th season is coming up in a couple weeks, and we will have to wait almost A YEAR before the next season. While you can use that time to read the series to get your GoT fix, I’ll be quietly pulling my hair out in a corner, dying from anticipation.

Anyway, some of you may have read about my handmade Game of Thrones Clue Game– which I made way before HBO came out with their own. Needless to say, I’m a huge nerd, and I’m OK with that. Nay, I’m proud of it. So, naturally, my nerdiness and my craftiness collided to bring you all these Game of Thrones necklaces and key chains Continue reading